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07/30/1818 Born in Thornton, Yorkshire, England. Her parents were Patrick and Maria Bronte.

1821 Emily`s mother died.

Approx 1824 Between 1824 and 1825 Emily attended the school at Cowan Bridge.

1835 Emily was at Roe Head.

Approx 1837 Became a governess at Law Hill, near Halifax, where she spent six months.

1842 Emily and Charlotte Brontė went to Brussels to learn foreign languages and school management for a proposed school for girls.

1842 Emily returned to Haworth.

1846 Published a volume poems with her sisters Anne and Charlotte titled Poems by Currer, Ellis, and Acton Bell.

01/02/1846 Wrote Last Lines aka No Coward Soul on January 2nd, 1846.

1847 Published Wuthering Heights, under her pseudonym of Ellis Bell.

12/19/1848 Passed away on December 19th, 1848.

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